• Connect sales and orders with production plan and increase customer satisfaction and predictability
  • Integrate logistics with orders and stock through WMS features that allows better products servicing to deliver orders on time
  • Successfully manage sales pipeline from leads/opportunities to offers, orders, contracts to real time manufacturing process in order to have prediction on all operations
  • Analyze products, market, customer demand, commercial policy in connection with stocks and suppliers


  • Channeling leads through lead collector
  • Personalize the end customer experience
  • Integrate all departments within the sales process
  • Create custom or automate offering and special deals
  • Increase ROI and customers offers
  • Successfully integrate marketing campaigns
  • Customize company’s commercial policy
  • Detailed car configurator
  • Real time bonus calculation for sales team
  • Manage sales activities and get real time reporting


  • Integrate the team structure and projects into real time platform
  • Get real time information from project’s site using mobility devices like smartphones and tablets
  • Connect with sales, suppliers and logistics for a total visibility of project phases
  • Integrate productivity costs and matrix for every projects
  • Analyze the progress and constraints using highly customized reporting system
  • Deliver productivity and governance over project data used powerful tools integrated and automated


  • Successfully manage channels of distribution
  • Integrate contractual agreements and commercial policy
  • Field sales force with have access to full customers information to support the sales activities
  • Management could track in real time through BI the sales opportunities and data
  • Sales teams have access to their goals and customer financial information with mobility devices
  • Integrate mobility interface with internal environment through secured channels
  • Pre-build action plan
  • Have instant offering based on customer history


  • Have an already predefined FRS (Financial Reporting Standardized)
  • Easily create or extend predefined financial templates connected to ERP data
  • Analyze financial reports whenever needed without having to create or recreate reports
  • Work in a single environment where users consume reports without losing information through spreadsheets
  • Automate the creation of financial reports like P&L, Cashflow, Balances, notes any many others and set automation checking processes
  • Work on budget and planning using our performance management solution BIDS, and just publish the results in a few clicks


  • Define personalized evaluation system
  • Compliance with public school system
  • Contracts and document management integrated
  • Have real time reporting of all operational and financial activities
  • Integrated course system for various courses curricula
  • Built in notification and information system


  • Define marketing framework based on your industry
  • Define integrated campaigns, create projects in a collaborative way
  • Track budget and suppliers agreements based on your campaigns progress
  • Automate the marketing activities and have real time reporting on financial progress
  • Push information through channels and get ROI measured accurate
  • Integrate with Vision CRM get the sales pipeline conversion ROI from campaign to lead, offer and closed with sale
  • Analyze all information with powerful BI platform QlikView or QlikSense