Vision BIDS

Define budget premises, fill in the data, create scenarios and start rolling the budget.

The planning, budgetin, analysis, reporting and forecasting processes are a major challenge for any company regardless of the size and industry

Have a realistic plan it is essential for any sales and operating cost sizing and market positioning and without knowing from time what is the big picture could be very costfull.

BIDS (Business Intelligence and Discovery System) succesfully implements a working framework for finance and operations having in mind the natural steps used in business:

  • Gatering market information
  • Setting up the constraints / people and departments involved
  • Aquire data / information from all internal systems (ERP, CRM, WMS, Production, Finance, external sources)
  • Set the KPIs and KRIs and the reference values
  • Build a model that maps the information on the company business processes
  • Create the reports
  • Optimize the planning process and create scenarios
  • Approve the figures and do the mitigation
  • Re-do the process with new information coming in

Any company needs this processes to be live and for this we implemented BIDS to help management to achieve this goal of having information in a cause-effect linked in real time . The management has the need to evaluate the impact of any changes that might occur, due to internal or external factors.